If your bill looks higher than normal

Modified on Thu, 15 Jun 2023 at 05:50 PM

If you get a bill that's unexpectedly higher than normal, there are a few possible reasons. It could be something affecting your usage, like a faulty appliance, or a new member of the household. If it's not that, then the 3 most likely reasons are:

  • we've combined multiple bills into one (called a 'consolidated bill') 
  • your previous bills may have been based on estimates that were too low
  • we had to estimate your opening reading

Consolidated Bills 

A consolidated bill is the combination of multiple bills.

When we receive new information about your usage, such as meter readings or an updated move-in date, we recalculate past bills based on your actual usage. When this happens, we may make a bill that covers more than one month.

Most of the charges on the consolidated bill won't be new, and any previous bills included with this one will have been credited back to your Tulo account.

Estimated bills

If you submitted a meter reading that was higher than estimates we were using, your bill will be adjusted for your actual use. 

You probably aren’t using a lot more energy than usual. Our previous estimates were just too low, so we're making up for it in this month’s bill. But if our estimates have been low for a number of months, it might seem like a big jump.

We need a reading every 3 months to make sure your estimates stay close to your actual usage and to make sure there’s no surprises in your bill when we do get a reading.

You can view your payments and statements and submit readings in your Tulo account.

We might need to check a reading that's lower than expected

If you submit a reading that's significantly lower than the estimates we were using, we might ask for a photo of your reading as proof. 

It might take some time for us to check the reading - until we do, we'll use the original estimates for your bills. We'll update your usage as soon as we've checked your reading.

Estimated opening reading

If you didn't supply a reading when you switched to us, or our industry regulator rejected your reading, then we have to use an estimate. You can see that estimate in the energy usage section of your Bulb account. If it's wrong, then get in touch and try and get it altered for you.

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