Simple ways to lower your energy bills

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Here are a few tips to help you save money on your energy bills, without spending money on renovations to your home.

Wash your clothes at 30 degrees

Washing your clothes at 30 degrees uses 57% less electricity than at higher temperatures, and can save you up to £8 a year on your energy bills.

Dry your clothes on a washing line or a clothes horse

If the weather’s good and you've got space, dry your clothes on a washing line, or a clothes horse, to save £35 a year.

Only boil the amount of water you need

You can save up to £6 a year by only boiling the water you need when using the kettle.

Turn the thermostat down a notch

Turning your thermostat down by one degree can save you £55 a year.

Turn your appliances off standby

Turn your appliances off by the switch to save £35 a year.

Turn off the lights

You could save £11 on your annual energy bill just by switching off the lights when you leave the room.

Shower for a minute less

Cut your shower time by one minute every morning to save £10 a year on your energy bills.

Use a washing up bowl

Instead of running the tap, use a washing up bowl to do the dishes. It will help you cut your energy bills and your carbon impact, too.

Fill up your washing machine

Doing one less wash a week could save you £8 on your annual energy bill. So if you can, wait until you have enough dirty clothes before putting a wash on. 

Source: Energy Saving Trust, 2019

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