How do estimated meter readings work?

Modified on Thu, 22 Jun, 2023 at 3:16 PM

Meter readings allow us to accurately charge you for the energy you use. Without them, we have to use estimated meter readings.

How are they calculated?

All estimated meter readings, no matter what supplier you’re with, are based on the historical energy usage of your property. The more meter readings received from that property, the more accurate those estimated readings are likely to be.

When we’ll use estimates

To use your meter readings to calculate your statement, we need them within the three days before your payment date. If you submit them at another time, we’ll need to estimate the remaining days of that payment month. And if you don’t submit them at all, we’ll estimate your usage for the entire month.

If you do submit your meter readings outside of this three-day window, or not at all, your statement will show this month’s payment is based on an estimated reading.

What happens if I give you a meter reading after a long time?

When you give us a meter reading, we’ll correct your billing in the following month’s statement to reflect your actual usage.

If you haven’t given us a meter reading for a while, we’ll use estimated meter readings that may not be that accurate. This is why we request that you send us a meter reading at least every 3 months, so we can ensure you’re paying the right amount each month.

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