Friends and Family Referral Scheme

Modified on Fri, 17 May 2024 at 01:40 PM

Our Friends and Family Referral Scheme 

Firstly, and most importantly, we can only give you and your family or friend your referral reward if your unique referral link is used to join Tulo Energy. If they choose to sign up using any other way (for example using a price comparison site) we cannot change this and won't be able to apply your reward.

Where can I find my Friends and Family Referral Scheme referral link?

Your link is shown on the My Profile page of your online Tulo Energy portal. Simply login, go to My Profile and look under the My Details section. Your unique link will look something like this

Who can I share my Friends and Family referral link with?

The referral scheme is officially titled "Friends and Family Referral Scheme" so, if you're happy with Tulo Energy and the service we provide, spread the word with your friends and family and give them the link. Obviously this can include friends of friends, and friends of family members but:

(a) Please don't spam forums/social media with your referral link and don't add it to any site which doesn't allow referral links (TrustPilot, Money Saving Expert etc.)

(b) Don't post anywhere you're affiliated with us, or spreading your link on behalf of us.

(c) Don't pay to post your referral link anywhere (people don't want to search for Tulo Energy on Google and find you've paid for an ad and everyone is using your link to come to our site). This is against the terms and conditions of the referral scheme so you won't receive a reward.

If we find your link is getting "over-used" we will investigate this and you won't receive a reward. You may also find your referral link is deactivated and you may be switched to a more expensive tariff. In short, don't be greedy and everything will be fine.

Have a look at the formal terms and conditions here (section 9 is the relevant bit).

When do I receive my Friends and Family referral reward?

The referral reward is paid as a credit to your energy account once the new customer is on supply, have been on supply with us for 3 months, and both of you have an active Direct Debit and haven't missed a monthly payment. We appreciate this might sound like a lot of conditions, but it's not as conditional as it sounds. Also, if the new customer leaves before 3 months (and 3 direct debit payments), neither of you get the reward. If you leave before the new customer's 3 months, neither of you get the reward. 

Basically, both of you stick around and enjoy our great prices and amazing customer service, and you get rewarded. 

How many people can I refer on the Friends and Family Scheme?

There is no limit to how many people you can refer but as per the terms and conditions (section 9), if you refer more than 5 people in a 12 month period, we may review your account to ensure you are not abusing the scheme. 

Anything else I should know about the Friends and Family referral scheme?

If you're happy with Tulo Energy, tell your friends and family members and get them switched to us. You both get rewarded for enjoying great prices and amazing customer service so why not spread the word.

We're always eager to know whether you think we're doing a good job or not. If you are happy, why not give us a TrustPilot review (and share your referral link with your friends and family). And if you're not happy, drop us an email at and let us know so we can do something about it.

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